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The Great Register of Napa Co., CA 1880 - 1894, substituting for the 1890 Census
includs (when given); name, age, nativity, registration date, occupation,
naturalization place and date, & residence

3 volumes $35
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Volume 1 - Lower Napa Co. Cemeteries and Index - Napa Memorial Gardens, Tulocay (index only),
Napa State Hospital, Stephen Broadhurst, Partrick, God's Acre, Indian Burial Grounds,
Perry Burial Site, Wood Family Burial Grounds, Christian Brothers
One CD $25.00
Volume 2 - Middle Napa Co. Cemeteries and Index - St. Helena Catholic, St. Helena Public,
Monticello, Bradshaw, Grace Episcopal, Wragg Canyon, Wooden Valley, Capell Valley,
Martinelli, Los Pasades (does not include the California Veteran's Home)
One CD $25.00
Volume 3 - Upper Napa Co. Cemeteries and Index - Pioneer, Bothe, Cyrus Family,
Earl Wilms Property, Duvall, Biter Burial Ground, Lommel Road
One CD $25.00
All volumes of Napa County Cemeteries and Indexes (Special combined price) One CD $60.00

ebook on CD

Mapping the George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery  by Denise Ratterman Jackson

$2 shipping & handling

One CD


Books - soft cover

Napa County, CA Marriage Index 1850 - 1905 122 pgs $ 20.00
Index of Births Registered in Napa county, CA, through 1905 - includes sex, year born,
page number of the county recorders record book
53 pgs $ 10.00
Napa County, CA Tax Assessment Records Index 1883 - 1893 - includes name,
road dist., year, and page # of book & microfilm pages
(located at society library) Vol 1 incl. A - Z, Vol 2 incl. A - Leg, Vol 3 incl. Leg - Z
478 pgs $ 65.00
Cemetery Inscriptions, Napa County, CA; St. Helena Public Cemetery
Volume I Office Records
184 pgs $ 28.00

Cemetery Inscriptions, Napa County, CA; George Yount Cemetery, Yountville, CA
incl. information from old Cemetery Assoc. ledger. Indexed

56 pgs $ 10.00
Cemetery Inscriptions, Napa County, CA; Stephan Broadhurst, Partrick and
Redwood Cemeteries. Indexed
20 pgs $ 6.00
Cemetery Inscriptions, Napa County, CA; Pope Valley, Monticello, Wragg Canyon,
Capell Valley, Wooden Valley Cemeteries,
41 pgs $10.00
Cemetery Inscriptions, Napa County, CA; Pioneer Cemetery & Bothe Cemetery,
Calistoga. Includes information from old ledger of Pioneer Cemetery. Indexed
30 pgs $10.00
Cemetery inscriptions, Napa County, CA; Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, St. Helena. Indexed 47 pgs $10.00
Cemetery Inscriptions, Napa County, CA; Napa Valley Memorial Gardens, Napa. Indexed. 82 pgs $12.00
Funeral Home Records of W.F. Mercier Permelee of St. Helena, Napa Co., CA.
Pages are copies of the original sheets c1920's. Indexed.
219 pgs $32.00

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